Artist Statement

My creative interest is to convey structure, tranquility and depth in three-dimensional form.

Rich softness of ancient fabrics, implied volume of upholstery, order and composition in architectural elements are all influential to my work. The delicate gauzy backgrounds found in Persian miniature paintings are the primary focus of surface and texture. Leaves, both fresh and fallen, water worn rocks and glass, and blooms and branches are strong sources of inspiration with their blended color fields, worn and waxy surfaces, soft curves and directness of form. These interests are explored and applied to surface with a vibrant yet subdued color pallet, an atmospheric fuming process, and in form through literal and abstract means.

Concepts of strength and serenity are translated into objects through an innate approach to form. Incorporating functional design increases the interaction with the viewer thus allowing for a closer are more intimate interpretation. Focusing on the directness and gesture of the form rather than its specific function keeps me actively connected to what and how the work is communicating.

The strongest visual influences in my work today are the poignant portraits of historic nobility found in Persian miniature paintings and Asian floral patterns. Peripheral interests that feed my personal exploration include the growth and uniqueness of flowers grown for domestic, concrete pillars and wooden cooking vessels of the mid 19th and 20th century.